A downloadable game for Windows

Find your way out in a proceduraly generated maze filled with killer bots.


  • [WASD] to move
  • [Left click] to shoot
  • [R] to reload
  • [E] to interact

Made for Procjam 2020 and 7DFPS 2020


There's just so many stuff I was thinking adding that didn't end up in the game because of a big lack of time / bad planning / usual over scoping :P

My overall goal was to make a fully procedural fps:

  • procedural levels (this somewhat works even if there's so much more I wanted to do)
  • procedural enemies: generate a set of enemies on every run
  • procedural weapons: generate a set of weapons on every run
  • enemies and weapons would be generated using building blocks

This was actually my first fps ever, and well, despite the fact that so many stuff are missing and the wacky result I think it turned out not too bad anyway... At least it's a good start, I may continue to develop it to at least develop the procedural aspect a bit more.

NOTE: Got some weird crashes compiling the release version with godot so I ended up uploading the debug version with the console. Same weirdness with the html version... I'll investigate later post jam.


win.zip 13 MB


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A nice dungeon crawler fps game, though there is a lack of background music and ambient but the game play and various guns, ammo drop and enemies makes up for it, the art and design was nice and the animation was simplistic, I saw 5 slots but only manage to three weapons which are the pistol, shotgun and rifle I was wondering what are the other two, I rarely saw the purple enemy and the rest are common like the green, red and yellow, could use some new content like a new type of enemy like a sniper or new environment like traps or a secret chest.

nice game :D

Heloo, I'm playing on the windows version. There's this bug where my gun start jiggling and eventually floats off and I can't shoot the bots anymore.

It's an ok FPS, I like the gun jiggling while I'm moving but I'm not sure if thats intended.


Thanks for the feedback :)

Oh shoot I think I saw this bug at some point and thought it was fixed by now. The gun should move a bit but not float away completely. I'll try to make a fix for that then :)