A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the 7DRL 2018 game jam . In way less than a week I think. This is still clunky on so many level but it's playable I guess :)

I didn't have time to implement a full mouse support so it's only use for looking at tiles, everything else is through keyboard.

made in python 2.7 with libtcod and pyglet

Update: I changed the pyinstaller setup because there was an issue with the compressed version

Update again: Even with the previous changed it wasn't working correctly. The new post version may work a bit better hopefully, note that I unfortunately have no way to test that :/


7DRL_2018.zip 25 MB
7DRL_2018_post.zip 25 MB


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I get Fatal Error "Failed to execute script main" when I try to run

Hmm ok thanks for the feedback, I never used pyinstaller before so I might have forgot something. I just updated the Zip file with the full non compressed version I hope it'll work better this time hopefully.